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Program Committees and Qualified Members

Program Committee

·        The Committee is the decision making group.

·        Limited to maximum of 9 and minimum of 5 Qualified Members.

·        Chair elected by the Committee and agreed by Board.

·        Reach decisions by consensus. If consensus is not possible then the preferred action and rationale should be emailed to Qualified Members in that program and a period of two weeks allowed for responses which should then be made available to the committee to assist decision making. Following this a decision can be made by a majority vote at a meeting date set before emailing the Qualified Members for advice (i.e. at least 2 weeks after emailing the Qualified Members). If the vote is tied then the Chairperson will have a casting vote.

·        Keep meeting notes/minutes, including those in attendance, apologies, motions passed (with the number of votes against and abstentions, no need for proposer and seconder to be recorded) and action items, noting those undertaking to follow these through.

·        Make all minutes, communications and documents available to the board within 14 days, and to others as the Committee sees fit.

·        Determine the scope of the Program activities and make this publically available.

·        Determine the (evolving) roles for Qualified Members and, over time, criteria for qualification (these should be resoundingly pragmatic).

·        The committee adopt a set of rules for operation which can be evoked should any single member be unhappy with meeting process. An example of this is Robert’s Rules.

 Program Qualified Members

·        Appointed by the Committee.

·        Qualified members must be added to the associated openEHRFoundation.org mailing list as this is the formal register of qualified members.

·        Qualification must imply the ability to take on a role within the program for which the person is deemed to be ‘qualified’ by their peers.

·        Anyone can formally request qualification from the Committee via Google Group.